Helium Foundation

Engineering Lead

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK


The Helium community sits at the intersection of wireless and blockchain technology and has built the world’s fastest-growing decentralized wireless network. The Network is now global in over 40,000+ cities and 160 countries with a vibrant ecosystem of community members building coverage, companies using the Network, and developers creating the next generation of connected applications.

We're looking for an Engineering Lead to build and lead our internal technical team. The role will involve setting and presenting the technical roadmap which sets internal dev work priorities, grant-giving priorities and partnership priorities. We expect this leader will also interface with the community (e.g. office hours), participate in conference talks as needed and provide general updates on technical roadmaps to internal and external audiences.

Your Role

  • Establish a technical roadmap. The Helium technical development roadmap is public, updated regularly, and easily consumed by the community, internal teams, prospective grant projects, and Helium Network partners.
  • Collaborate with other core contributors to align on Helium Network priorities.
  • Internal team management. Build and manage a team with clear priorities that are shipped regularly and well communicated externally.
  • Internal development. Work with the team to improve technical processes as well as dev-ops and systems supporting public tools.


  • Experience as an open source software engineer. Preferably within the crypto or Web 3.0 space.
  • Strong background as a full-stack engineer with hands-on code work and managing direct reports.
  • Ability to identify and attract exceptional engineering talent. You should have experience and clear processes for hiring top tier engineers, including sourcing effectively, assessing competency and closing.
  • Software Management. You should have experience managing the delivery of software teams via healthy processes and helping engineers to personally grow.
  • Experience with consulting, architecture or sales engineering. You are experienced in converting complex technical concepts into understandable roadmaps and solving architectural problems for semi-technical audiences during sales calls. You can take an application idea and convert it into a viable technical architecture and ideate business opportunities by understanding the technical possibilities.
  • Blockchain obsessed. Obsession with using and uncovering the products and tech of the blockchain ecosystem and understanding how they can improve.

About Us

The Helium Foundation stands on the front line of one of the most exciting paradigm shifts at the intersection of blockchain and wireless technology.

As a team-member you’ll work with some of the most innovative thinkers across blockchain and wireless. You’ll have a meaningful impact on real world problems like closing the digital divide and better internet access for underserved areas -- and help usher in the next era of smart devices to better manage city utilities, improve agricultural systems, and create early warning systems. You’ll have a chance to make substantial contributions to industry changing technology with lots of room for personal growth.

The last year has seen incredible growth for the Helium Network and we're all excited about the scale of opportunities ahead!